Xbox 360 Console

Though there are a few differences between the Arcade, Pro and Elite versions of the Xbox 360, all Xbox 360 models have a sizable advantage over their predecessor, the original Xbox. Aside from obvious video and audio components and multimedia functionality, older versions of this console lack the desired gaming quality many gamers have come to expect over the years.

The improvements in computing speed and power are apparent in the graphical and video difference that exists between the two consoles. The video output for the Xbox 360 offers a greater fill rate with increased color (bit) and sharper output, making it ideal for HD video formats. Though few changes have been made in the Xbox 360’s audio configuration, its additional AV configurations open it up to a variety of HD and other enhanced AV settings, greatly improving its sound potential.

The Xbox 360 offers a video game experience unlike any other, combining unbelievable graphics with blazing-fast processing speed and consistency. Xbox 360 Console has well beyond 500 game titles available, with backward compatibility for almost all Xbox games available with a hard drive and the latest software update. The Xbox 360 game console uses HD DVDs instead of Blu-ray Discs or plain DVDs for all of the games. This type of game media may not support the large storage capacities of Blu-rays but are still able to produce HD quality images and have enough storage space for any game on the market.

Aside from functioning as a video game console, the Xbox 360 can also be used as a web browser, and as a CD and DVD player. The Xbox 360 is also compatible with iTunes and Zune, as well as other audio file formats, allowing you to play the music of your choice during game play, or play music alone with the Xbox 360’s interactive visual synthesizer. The Xbox 360 can also display photos and slideshows with various transition effects, with full audio playback and music player controls.

Though most accessories that were available for the original Xbox are still available for the Xbox 360, a strong emphasis has been placed on wireless technology for everything from controllers and headsets to internet connectivity, greatly eliminating the mess of cables and lines that become a nuisance with most video game consoles. An important accessory improvement for the Xbox 360 is its web cam and HDMI component upgrades, accessories that were not available in the original Xbox.

When it comes to game consoles, everyone knows that the overall performance is of course the most important feature. The Xbox 360 outperforms other gaming consoles in almost every area and, of course, offers the necessary extras to make up the difference. The one major thing missing from the 360 would have to be the lack of a Blu-ray player. However, the HD DVD player included in this gaming console is able to produce 1080p HD-quality images and does not hinder the creative minds of game developers. With the same processing speed and GPU speed as the PS3 and even more RAM, the Xbox 360 gaming console outdoes the next closest system in overall performance.

If for some reason you run out of hard drive space on your Best Xbox 360 Console, simply purchase a larger hard drive and off you go. At the same time, you can move your favorite downloaded games from one Xbox to another by simply removing the hard drive and replacing it on another system. The only problem we found with the Xbox 360 is the common overheating or Red Ring of Death issue that some older systems have. This common problem seems to have been corrected in newer systems and is no longer a huge thorn in Microsoft’s side.


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