Alien Ware m14x

Your Dell Alienware M14x is an ideal gaming laptop with amazing portability, processing power and graphics capabilities. This 11″ laptop is known for its sleek and endurable design and this makes it perfect for avid gamers. It is available both with Intel Core i5 2467M 1.6GHz and Intel Core i7 2617M 1.5GHz and this speaks volumes about the options this laptop offers to the consumers. The networking features of Dell Alienware M11x enables smooth and convenient connection via the internet but occasional issues can’t be ruled out entirely.

This article will let you know about the commonly faced networking issues with your Dell Alienware laptop and their quick solutions. If you have decent knowledge about the hardware and software components of your system you will find these tips beneficial.

Below mentioned are the networking issues that you might encounter with your Dell Alienware M11x gaming laptop along with their suitable solutions:

Inappropriate Firewall security settings

Inappropriate firewall security setting is the most common cause of networking issues on your laptop. Like antivirus software firewall is also a security program that blocks the access of malicious programs or other online threats to your computer. Firewall increases the security layer around your laptop by stopping the malicious programs or malware that can interfere with the smooth functioning of the internet connection. The firewall carries various layers of filters to allow only legitimate programs. It is equipped with security level settings that should be appropriate or the firewall itself will begin interfering with the internet network. Setting it always at a high level does not meet the purpose as it begins blocking even the legitimate and important programs which impedes smooth web browsing.

Network adapter is not properly enabled

Network adapter is an important device required for smooth internet connectivity. Make sure that the network adapter to the device manager is properly enabled. In case the operating system gives the message that the adapter is unplugged or there is no connectivity then it may be because of the network adapter. Ensure that the network cable is properly connected to the port. Other ports on the router should also be checked to make sure that the system is getting proper response from the local area network. If all these factors are okay, then the adapter light will become stable.

Presence of incompatible or inappropriate software on the system

Incompatible software and add-ons is a major hindrance to the smooth and consistent internet connectivity. You can install certain add-ons for your default browser. Before installing an add-on you must make sure that it is compatible with the existing browser. In case of incompatibility the browsing will start giving errors and it will hamper internet connectivity. So you should think twice before installing toolbars or software add ons on your system. However the browser as well as the internet settings can be reset by restarting your Dell Alienware M14x laptop.

Most of the networking issues with Dell Alienware M14x can be resolved by using the tips discussed in this article. Still the quick and safer way of fixing networking issues can be found through specialized technicians from computer support service providers. You can get premium tech support 24×7 through these online tech support service providers.


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