Memphis Car Audio

Memphis Car audio systems are comprised of many different components. Having evolved greatly over the years, they now can include such things as CD players, DVD players, MP3 players, radios, subwoofers, equalizers, amplifiers, speakers, and receivers.

Car stereo receivers are the main control center of the car audio system. If there is no receiver present, you will not have a working system. Receivers are present not only in car audio systems, but radios, CD players, and DVD systems as well. They are extremely varied in type. Even though the type may vary, their main function is to produce the audio sound that we all enjoy listening to. Varying in type refers to the fact that some may include a CD player, DVD player, and some even have monitors to watch a movie, but they all produce sound. The car receiver is the main unit that is installed directly into the dashboard of an automobile.

Memphis Car Audio

Another component of memphis car audio systems are equalizers. Equalizers are the unit that the main car stereo receiver connects to. As the car receiver’s job is to produce the sound, the equalizers job is to control the sound. The equalizer makes it capable for you to tailor the sound of the music to your personal preference. It incorporates other aspects of the system, such as the bass and treble for the best results. Equalizers also are equipped with multiple outputs so additionally accessories can be attached to the audio system. Examples of these would be the front and/or rear speakers, and a possible subwoofer.

Amplifiers are another important part of the car audio system. While the receivers are producing the sound, and the equalizers are controlling the sound, the amplifiers take frequency and make it into sound. Amplifiers, or “amps” classify their sound by something called watts. The greater number of watts, the louder and more powerful the audio will end up being.

Receivers, equalizers, and amplifiers are the “grand daddy” of the car audio system components. Without these three components working in harmony, there would not be a car audio system. There are though a couple of assistants that must be given notable mention also. Car speakers broadcast the sound in our automobile. Usually one would conceive that the larger the speaker, the larger the sound. Years ago this may have been true, but since car audio systems have evolved so greatly, even the smaller speakers can produce a near mind-blowing sound. Though briefly mentioned above, do not forget the subwoofers function. The subwoofers are located in the speakers, and they process the low frequency or bass. They allow the listener to not only hear a loud sound, but a clear one too.

While all these components have a particular single function, it is when they work in harmony that garnish amazing results.

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